A John Gill painted, cast-iron board (one most desired by collectors), patented in the US, 1863, known as a “hedgehog”. An Art Nouveau, possibly a Cartier-made board, dating to the late 1800s and a Tunbridgeware or Sorrentoware style board, with abalone and mother of pearl inlays, dating to the late 1800s.

Welcome to the Cribbage Board Collector’s Society  (Visit our facebook page)

Rather than my duplicating others’ work, visit the American Cribbage Congress Collector’s Gallery for an amazing collection of cribbage board photos from CBCS members  (See links).

Our Purpose

  1.  To enhance knowledge about cribbage boards
  2.  To establish values of cribbage boards
  3.  To further the hobby of collecting cribbage boards
  4.  To establish a network of cribbage board collectors.

The society was established in 1991 by the late Bette Bemis and has gathered a large collection of references materials regarding cribbage boards, copies of patents and much more.

We meet at our annual convention for presentations, show-and-tell and, of course, cribbage tournaments.

Do you have a board to share?  Do you have a board (maybe one you inherited) that you would like to know more about?  email Terry Our research chair for assistance.

The guide for collectors:  Cribbage Boards 1863-1998 by our founder Bette Bemis.  Schiffer Books, 1997.  Available at amazon.com.

Bette's book

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